Business Process & Workflow

Adobe Sign has added new enhancements for life sciences and pharmaceutical companies, added more forms automation functionality by including a new way to collect online payments, and announced new cloud-based digital signature partners.

The cubicle walls in today’s workplace are coming down, nowhere more obvious than at Objective Corporation’s impressive new global HQ, known internally as The Skylab, located in the IT heartland of North Sydney.Moving to the new premises in 2017 required staff hike only a short distance up the road from their old office, however Objective took the opportunity to design a purpose-built new facility for more than 250 staff, including around 100 software engineers and developers, that fully embraced the trend towards activity-based working and digital processes.

When you hear talk about robotics in the distribution centre, you may envision some of the innovations Amazon is using to streamline operations — and make headlines. Maybe you picture self-guided forklifts equipped with sensors and automatic controls stacking inventory in racks soaring high above the distribution to fulfilment without humans getting in the way and slowing things down. But you might be surprised to learn that robots are transforming more than just the physical tasks of fulfilment centres.

Redwood Software has announced the launch of its latest Redwood Robotics solution, an evolution of its existing technology that taps into its catalogue of more than 35,000 plug-and-play robots. The updated offering includes a revamped interface, and now supports wider processes across HR, IT operations, supply chain and others.

German enterprise software developer inovoo has launched a multi-channel capture platform, NOVO CxP, that receives structured and unstructured data and documents in a wide variety of formats, analyses it and hands it over to downstream processes in a standardised fashion.

Magic Software Enterprises has announced the launch of Magic xpi 4.7, a multi-point low code solution that aims to lower IT development and operational costs associated with integration. It includes new features to make the integration between Salesforce and other systems even easier.

South Australia’s City of Mitcham has implemented TechnologyOne’s local government enterprise solution to replace paper-based work orders and provide greater visibility into the status and progress of requests, driving an improvement in overall customer experience.

Digital transformation will add an estimated $A45 billion to Australia’s GDP by 2021 and increase its growth rate by 0.5 per cent annually, according to a new study “Unlocking the Economic Impact of Digital Transformation in Asia Pacific]”, produced by Microsoft in partnership with IDC Asia/Pacific.

Although 2018 is expected to be the year that Artificial Intelligence (AI) arrives in the RPA world, it is currently difficult to find many real life applications or concrete examples of robots that demonstrate such capabilities. There is still a long way to go for Intelligent Automation programs to fully adopt cognitive technologies!

Foxit Software has released a PDF Compressor Command Line Tool specifically developed for organizations that use Linux. The new solution integrates ABBYY OCR technology to allows Linux shops to automate their paper to digital document conversion process through the creation of highly compressed and searchable PDF/A compliant files.