With increasingly powerful variants known by exotic names such as Zepto, Locky, Dridex and Angler, Ransomware poses a growing and critical threat to enterprises. In 2015, there were nearly 407,000 attempted ransomware infections and over $US325 million extorted from victims with many experts seeing it as the security issue of 2016.

Analyst firm Technavio forecasts the global search and content analytics market to reach $US6 billion during 2016-2020, according to its latest report, with a growth rate of almost 25% driven by the growing importance of deriving useful information from unstructured data.

Toga, a private Australian company which operates or owns more than 80 hotels in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe in a joint venture with Far East Orchard, has implemented Accounts Payable automation on a Kofax platform through solution provider Efficiency Leaders.

In 2015, there was only one digital hospital in Australia and New Zealand.  In comparison, the United States had 1,414. The health sector in Australia isn’t just lagging that in the US, it is also lagging other sectors within Australia. It is many years behind sectors such as financial services in engagement, interactivity and access, and in urgent need of transformation and digitisation, according to a new report from PwC Australia. The report proposes that Australia adopt the US ‘Meaningful Use’ Program, which whilst having had its challenges, has achieved good results in adoption and improved information at the point of care.

Australia is lagging the US in its approach to information governance, placing enterprises and individuals at risk according to Susan Bennett, co-founder of Information Governance ANZ, a new think tank that aims to lift the profile of information governance and spur enterprises into action.