When sending an important parcel through a courier, you wouldn’t want it to get lost or end-up with the wrong individual. Think about the last time you’ve sent a birthday present through a courier. You’ve personalised the package, labelled it up with the right name and address details before handing it over to the delivery company, ensuring it’s fully traceable. Now imagine if you’re able to find out not only when it’s been delivered but the exact moment when they have opened their birthday present.

Intelligent computers that look, think and react like humans are the latest technology being developed at the University of Auckland to become a commercial venture.

The Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions (OPP) has entered into an agreement with one of Knosys’ resellers for a 250-user deployment of the Knosys Knowledge Platform. 

1. Sorcery - Leaders attempt to change culture with a single magical approach. Whether it is “Lean manufacturing”, “Results based decision making”, “Customer focus” or “Process re-engineering”, leaders attempt to find the silver bullet of changing their culture. Whilst methods of improving quality or focusing on customers or improving efficiency help to give a focus to why we want to change culture, they in themselves, do not change culture.

When SeeUnity began in 2005, we knew Microsoft SharePoint was going to be a large player in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market. What gave us insight to this was the ever-changing landscape of the ECM market.