Historically organisations implemented Enterprise Content Management solutions out of the necessity to adhere with compliance policies, but in our modern digital era the question is; has this now become a barrier to innovation and is ECM actually inhibiting opportunities to extract the tangible value from information assets.

Dating web site Ashley Madison was the target of a data breach as a result of inappropriate security safeguards, according to findings of a joint investigation by Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim, and Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) Daniel Therrien.

Did you know that 80% of business printing is related to transactions? This means invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, and even payment confirmations. And yet most of these materials are originally created electronically. This virtually systematic shift to paper requires an investment of time and money that companies don’t necessarily need to make. It’s such a waste of time and money to end up printing them!

The current Government models for electronic service delivery are typically Government centric, eg ‘One Stop Shop’. This represents Government trying to provide a single electronic entry point for Government services aggregating the multiplicity of Government agencies, brands and products. This is a step on the pathway towards reducing the cost to Government and providing a single entry point for consumers.

Those who design and steer the development of the technology landscape can mitigate risk by setting operating standards and promoting cross-functional collaboration.