File and Document Converter for Matter Center for Office 365

Handshake Software has launched a new product that converts documents and other files from legacy document management systems such as HP iManage, OpenText eDOCS, file shares and others to Microsoft SharePoint, both on premise and online with Office 365.  

As a result, the converted documents and files will also work with Matter Center for Office 365, Microsoft’s new legal document management and collaboration solution.

“Handshake Software is one of our strategic partners” said Nishan DeSilva, senior director within Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs group.  

“We are pleased, that based on their lengthy involvement and leadership position with SharePoint in the legal market,  they are ready today to help law firms migrate to Matter Center for Office 365.”

Features include:

SharePoint Site Provisioning:  Automatically provisions SharePoint Sites for Clients and Matters based on the law firm’s information from Elite, Aderant and other practice management systems.

Document Information: Converts the related document information including custom columns from iManage, eDOCS, and other document and file shares systems.

Security: Converts complex and multiple security scenarios including Access Control Lists, ethical walls and individual document security.

SharePoint Compatibility: Transforms file names and folder names from legacy systems to ensure compatibility with SharePoint naming convention and allowed characters.

Flexible Migration: Supports multiple conversion strategies including hybrid environments and immediate, on-the-fly conversion.  

With Handshake Software products, law firms have the option of not having to convert all documents at one time.  Handshake supports conversion strategies that suit firm requirements by, for example, converting one office at a time or one practice area at a time.  Handshake Software products can bridge the two systems providing a combined Client-centric or Matter-centric view for lawyers of documents in Matter Center and in the Legacy document management system. 

“We have been collaborating with Microsoft and the SharePoint solution in the legal market for the past 13 years and are very enthusiastic to partner with them to accelerate the law firm adoption of Microsoft Matter Center,” stated Doug Horton, Handshake Software CEO. “Handshake Converter will open up Matter Center to many law firms who are challenged with efficient document conversion and migration.