Mobile forensics for Android devices

A company’s email server was once the main source of collected end-user data, but now mobile and text messages are an integral part of the eDiscovery process. Druva Mobile Forensics has added a new capability that automatically and transparently collects data from an organisation’s Android devices, allowing enterprise IT, information security and legal teams to easily facilitate compliance and eDiscovery requests.

Druva Mobile Forensics allows for the proactive collection of data rather than its reactive collection, meaning companies avoid having to request devices or manually copy them. This lets organisations easily and unobtrusively collect data, monitor for data compliance and place legal holds on mobile data as needed for litigation requests and regulatory needs.

“Data sprawl and the vast amount of information stored on mobile devices make collecting this data – and ensuring that is it forensically sound – extremely difficult during litigation, investigation and compliance audits,” said Jaspreet Singh, CEO, Druva.

“Druva is the only company in the data protection space enabling 100 percent data governance on Android devices while making data collection and monitoring automatic as well as transparent to end users.”

Almost 80 percent of business users use text messaging for business communications, according to a recent industry survey. Also, the rise of BYOD, the diversity of device models, carriers and the rapid innovation of mobile operating system platforms translate to headaches for security, compliance and legal professionals.

“Traditionally, preparing and reacting to e-discovery requests has been about capturing email communications. Increasingly, enterprises are grappling with how to contain and manage mobile and social content,” according to Garth Landers and Jie Zhang, Research Directors, Gartner.

“Mobile workers increasingly use SMS text, and file synch and share, and leverage a decentralized series of work processes and collaboration. This makes IT's role of collection, identification and preservation of relevant content during litigation burdensome and, often, incomplete.”

In addition to collecting and preserve text messages, Druva Mobile Forensics can also collect mobile browser history, call logs, device information and more.

It automatically collects data, which can then be transferred to an eDiscovery tool for processing and review. Additional product capabilities include:

  • Data collection on Android with no end-user intervention
  • Additional settings for SMS, browser history, call history, app logs, call logs, deleted messages, device info, third-party app logs and allows for eDiscovery on this data or continuous monitoring for adherence to compliance policies
  • Easy, secure access to all collected data through inSync’s eDiscovery enablement interface
  • Capture of all meta-data associated with data stored on the device
  • Access to deleted messages and retention of critical meta-data associated with each file to ensure legal admissibility
  • Data collection according to the configured schedule
  • Druva Mobile Forensics for Android is currently available and included at no additional cost to inSync Private Cloud Elite and Cloud Elite customers.