Forensic Detective 8.3 expands cloud data acquisition

Oxygen Forensics has released Forensic Detective 8.3, which expands data extraction features and adds new acquisition methods.

“With most of today’s mobile devices utilizing the cloud to store data, extracting that data in critical times is even more challenging,” said Lee Reiber, Oxygen Forensics COO.

“Our ability to acquire data from iOS and Microsoft devices will help our customers, who see many iOS devices in their work in the United States.” 

Oxygen Forensic Cloud Extractor can acquire data from Apple’s iCloud on all Apple iOS 9 devices including the newly released iOS 9.3. Using the appropriate credentials, experts can extract information from data backups of all devices associated with a unique Apple ID.

In addition, experts will have access to three cloud backups for each device – the original backup and the two most recent data backups. This will allow forensics experts to compare data and track information changes on each device.

Microsoft mobile devices also depend on storing information in the cloud. With Oxygen Forensic Detective, experts can analyse the JTAG images of any Windows mobile device to acquire securely stored logins and tokens and then retrieve all data from Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft and other available accounts.

While cloud data is more and more important to forensics experts, Oxygen Forensic Detective 8.3 also provides greater support to experts to extract data from memory cards of FAT32 and Ext format and extract all available data including deleted records from memory cards, which provide a plethora of forensically important data.

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