ABBYY FineScanner comes to Android

ABBYY FineScanner is now available to Android users delivering an advanced OCR-powered mobile scanner. 

Anyone with an Android smartphone and tablet can now use ABBYY technology to scan and capture text from any kind of printed materials: business documents, receipts, newspapers and magazines, presentation slides, advertisements and even billboards.

A winner of the SUPERSTAR Mobile Star Awards for high-resolution scanning of printed and hand-written text, ABBYY FineScanner takes a photo of the document and automatically corrects the perspective to generate the rectangular and upright image, crops away unnecessary borders (the table the document is on, for example), uses black and white, colour or grayscale filters to eliminate noise, enhance contrast and brightness. The resulting copy is optimised for viewing and printing and can be shared as a multipage PDF or a JPEG image.

ABBYY FineScanner can extract text from scanned images in 193 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean – all while retaining the original formatting of the document: markers, tables, headers and titles. The results can be saved in 12 most popular formats like DOCX, XLS and PDF and shared via email, messengers, social media or a cloud storage.

“ABBYY technologies are recognized all over the world. Big international IT companies who provide text recognition and data input stream solutions license them. Now these cutting-edge technologies are available to every Android device user out there,” said ABBYY Vice President and Head of Mobile Artem Kumpel.

ABBYY FineScanner for Android is compatible with Android 4.2 or later with camera autofocus. The application is available on Google Play in two versions:

Free application with a premium subscription for advanced features, including OCR and ad removal ($US4.99 a month or $US19.99 a year)

One-time purchase version for $US39.99 which includes all the advanced features and future updates