ANZ Bank enhances knowledge management with Knosys

ANZ Bank is underway with an expanded rollout of the Knosys knowledge management platform across its business units.

Australia’s Knosys has developed the platform to allow organisations to better capture, manage and access information across disparate business units, divisions and IT platforms.

A new order from ANZ Bank for $A34,000 is for an initial two-month licence period commencing on 1 May 2017 and ending on 30 June 2017, the annual licence renewal date under the existing agreement. Upon annual renewal of the licence arrangement from 1 July 2017, this additional order will contribute a further $A200,000 per annum to group revenues.

Knosys Chief Executive Officer, John Thompson, said that this expansion further reflects the confidence that this major customer has in the company’s capacity to deliver a superior knowledge management technology that brings real benefits to its workforce and business units.

He said the web based architecture of the solution enables its rapid setup and deployment across the business units.

“This extension builds on our longstanding relationship which dates back almost 8 years,” said Thompson.

 “We plan to work with this and other customers in 2017 to continue to improve our product’s capabilities and performance. We have some exciting developments planned for this year to enable more knowledge based solutions to become mainstream in many organisations.

“As a company, our capacity to maintain long term relationships with major customers remains a key plank in our growth strategy.

“We intend to become the premier Australian company assisting medium and large organisations build smarter, faster, more efficient workforces through performance-based knowledge management solutions.

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