Fuji Xerox Australia Introduces Smart Work Gateway

Fuji Xerox Australia has announced the launch of its Smart Work Gateway concept designed to support businesses with more flexibility and secure mobile working. Smart Work Gateway offers businesses the ability to connect directly with popular cloud service providers, simplified device management and access to new productivity apps.

To support the Smart Work Gateway concept, Fuji Xerox Australia also introduced 12 models of cloud-friendly, digital colour multi-function devices under its ApeosPort-VI C series.

The new ApeosPort-VI C series creates a communication environment that improves productivity in the workplace by integrating Cloud Service Hub – a new platform that links the multifunction devices with multiple de facto standard cloud services.

Users can log into the cloud services with a single sign-on, search across these services for documents as well as the ability to scan, save and print from the cloud.

Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console enables users to purchase, download and install apps for multifunction devices from the internet in a centralised manner. This allows multiple multifunction devices to be simultaneously managed and configured, providing rapid adaption in the event of sudden changes in working processes, creating a more nimble and agile working environment.

Additional features such as Digital Rights Management (available at a later date), Near-Field Communications (NFC) printing integration (Android devices) and DocuWorks Digital Signatures give an additional level of document control and security.  

The high-end ApeosPort-VI C series models have improved scanning productivity, achieving 270 pages of duplex scanning per minute. Bulk scanning of large volume documents can be efficiently done as the new multifunction devices scan the front and back of double sided documents in a single scan.

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