mxHero Launches New Feature For Easy Sharing Of Email As Secure Link

MxHero , a company focused on the integration of email and leading cloud storage services, such as Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and ShareFile, has launched a new feature to facilitate the secure sharing of email messages and attachments.

The new enhancement in mxHero's Mail2Cloud platform allows companies that have supported cloud storage services, to setup a special email address. Forwarding or copying (Cc, Bcc) emails to this address result in a response email with a link to that message saved in the company's cloud storage.

The saved message is conveniently converted into a PDF with any attachments linked at the bottom. The feature works from any email client or system - mobile phone, tablet, desktop, etc.

"The ability to have a message out of your inbox and in a powerful, secure collaboration platform is liberating in ways that aren’t completely obvious, given we have long adapted to email’s limitations,” says Marcelo Marmol, CTO, mxHero Inc.

“The link to an email stored in cloud storage allows you to securely refer to that message anywhere, including outside of email. Need to share your email in a text message or an internal collaboration tool like Slack or Facebook Workplace? Just paste the message’s link into the discussion.

“Want to add your email to your favorite to-do list tool? Copy the link to your task.

“Trying to reference client communications in your CRM system’s notes? Again paste the link.

“By optimizing email messages and attachments to cloud storage and proving their link, you gain new flexibility and portability with your email content that traditional email doesn’t offer,” explains Marcelo.

Typically email collaboration is tied down within email only. Email originates and ends in email, largely incompatible with other applications. Furthermore, in email, the only way to collaborate over a message and its attachments is to give someone else full, unrestricted and untraceable copy of all its content. With mxHero provided email cloud storage links, users can collaborate over messages securely and conveniently from anywhere you can share a link.