Sonasoft Enhances eDiscovery & Email Archiving

Sonasoft has fully aligned its compatibility to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Active Directory (AD) with its latest release of SonaVault 6.1 eDiscovery and Email Archiving Software Solution. 

SonaVault 6.1 now delivers a seamless and consistent experience whether it is integrated with Microsoft Exchange Online or on-premise Microsoft Exchange Server by providing the same functionality across both environments.

“Sonasoft is committed to ensure that it has the same successful alignment with Microsoft’s cloud offerings as it does with on-premise Microsoft Exchange Server environments,” said Bilal Ahmed, Sonasoft’s CTO and Vice President of Engineering.

“With SonaVault 6.1, end users now can view their archived email with the same Outlook-like folder structure view that they have in Microsoft Office 365.  Users now can easily find their archived emails by viewing the same folder that they placed those emails under as well as find them through our robust search capabilities.

“In addition, SonaVault 6.1 now synchronizes with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD). This will allow end users to log on to SonaVault 6.1 with the same login credentials for Microsoft Office 365.  Of course, SonaVault 6.1 captures and archives every single email from both Microsoft Exchange Online and Exchange Server.  This includes draft emails and non-standard email formats.”

“Additionally, Sonasoft leveraged the insights into the legal challenges of our customers and then developed artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to meet these opportunities,” continued Bilal Ahmed. 

“We are now evaluating the best methods to integrate our AI architecture into SonaVault eDiscovery and Email Archiving Software. This will allow SonaVault to have continuous learning capabilities that will significantly improve its eDiscovery results, which thereby will cut costs and time. Sonasoft is passionate about expanding the technical innovation on how our eDiscovery results can be better, faster, and more relevant than before.”

SonaVault 6.1 Enhancements include:

  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure AD
  • Simplified end-user navigation aligned with an Outlook-like folder structure view
  • Enhanced ability to easily locate archived items
  • Ability to login to SonaVault with same login credentials as Microsoft Office 365
  • Integration of AI enhanced architecture to improve eDiscovery results through continuous learning (future enhancement)