GTMaritime unveils email solution for smaller vessels

British maritime communication solutions and services company GTMaritime has unveiled a new email software, SeaMail, developed to serve the communication needs of smaller vessels such as barges, fishing vessels and leisure craft.

SeaMail allows small vessels to establish communications with the shore and reduces satellite bandwidth usage, saving airtime by 80%.

Other features of the solution include simple email management, shoreside management of emails and a simple installation procedure.

The email tool can also be used over satellites to manage high-latency circuits and multiple connection management during communications. It also has the capacity to resume data transfer from the point of interruption during the event of a break in communications.

GTMaritime CEO Robert Kenworthy said: “We’ve used our 20+ years of experience in the maritime industry to develop a product which suits their needs and requirements, ultimately allowing them to manage their costs and save money.

“Airtime providers can now deliver an even better level of support and service to their small vessel customer by offering a simple, managed email solution with their airtime.

“This gives users just one place to call for all their satellite communication needs and supplies the airtime provider with the latest tools to support them.”

Customers can also access the email solution through a desktop computer, tablets and other mobile devices.

The company claims that SeaMail is compatible with all satellite communications such as VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, GSM, and local Wi-Fi.


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