docAlpha 6.0 delivers intelligent document automation

Artsyl Technologies, a provider of Intelligent Process Automation technology for data capture and document workflow processing, has announced general availability for docAlpha 6.0, a major update to the company’s flagship digital transformation platform.

docAlpha V6 improves extraction speed and capabilities of it’s advanced Auto-Find machine learning to intelligently extract information from business documents and now update extraction rules and definitions, as users process documents, without the need for coding or retraining the system.

The new release also provides state-based workflows, with a no-code design wizard. As a result, users now have many more powerful workflow options and partners can quickly and cost-effectively implement business process automation for vendor invoices, sales orders and a wide range of documents and business processes, with minimal effort and zero coding.

“docAlpha has evolved into a sophisticated, intelligent digital transformation platform that understands how and where to find information within a document based on its context, and how to manage data and documents within a workflow contextually,” said Jeff Moore, Chief Sales Officer at Artsyl Technologies.

“While digital transformation and robotic process automation (RPA) have become hot topics as of late, our partners and customers have been benefitting from these technologies and approaches to automation for years by relying on docAlpha,” Moore added.

With the release of docAlpha V6, Artsyl partners focused on implementing and supporting enterprise resource planning (ERP) and electronic content management (ECM) systems now can deliver a complete business process automation solution that can connect those systems and deliver a straight through process that overcomes the most common process bottlenecks—data entry, document handling, validation and transaction approval.

For common back office processes like accounts payable vendor invoice processing or customer sales order processing, Artsyl offers a series of Packaged Solutions with all the necessary system components and application specific workflows that deliver out-of-box code-free automation. InvoiceAction (for vendor invoices) and OrderAction (for sales orders) are designed to allow partners to add value to their clients existing technology platform investments, without requiring them to invest time and money into custom coding to support common business processes.

Other Highlights of docAlpha V6 include:

  • Redesigned User Interface: Based on feedback from users, Artsyl has redesigned the docAlpha verification station to streamline operations, reduce mouse clicks and provide a more intuitive experience for basic or advanced users. Search capabilities within the verification station make it easier for users to quickly find documents or batches by name, date or other criteria.
  • Machine Learning-based Auto-Find: docAlpha provides advanced Auto-Find functionality that learns from user interactions to build a knowledge database that is shared enterprise-wide to improve the accuracy of data capture. Auto-Find enhancements in docAlpha V6 include an Auto-Find wizard with visual controls to make it easier to define search zones within a document. To better leverage the Auto-Find knowledgebase to improve data extraction accuracy, V6 enhancements ensure that Auto-Find’s knowledgebase takes precedent over document definitions.
  • State-based Workflows: docAlpha V6 state-based workflow delivers true business process automation functionality. Workflows based on the state of a document in process, configurable without coding using a drag-and-drop designer, provides greater versatility and decision making options, including returning documents to specific steps in a workflow, or switching documents between workflows.
  • Enhanced ERP Integrations: New docAlpha connectors further streamline integration with leading ERP and accounting systems, including Acumatica, QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERPs.
  • REST and API Enhancements: a new docAlpha API enables external users to acquire processing status information and perform operations.
  • Extraction for Electronic Forms: includes support for data extraction from electronic form fields to inform rules-based workflows.