Large Scale Data Governance in the Cloud

ZL Technologies has announced a cloud-based solution to simultaneously address eDiscovery, compliance, records management, analytics and privacy, unified under one platform.

The company says this unified management layer solves the difficult task of managing across the various governance silos. In addition, the platform offers enterprise-wide information management that scales to extreme data volumes, reaching many petabytes for the world’s largest enterprises.

The solution offers the same capabilities on all modes of deployment, including cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premise, often with mixed deployments to satisfy complex international regulations. ZL’s cloud customers span across major industries, including financial services, pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, and government.

ZL’s cloud addresses the need for flexibility in data location and management across international boundaries, to satisfy a chequerboard of regulations while minimizing costs and maximizing data control.

“Because of highly complex data regulations such as GDPR which cut across regions, states, and countries, companies are faced with a jigsaw puzzle of piecing together disparate policies for different types of data,” said ZL Technologies CEO, Kon Leong.

“Now, more than ever, organizations need a unified management layer to enforce governance policies in a flexible and consistent manner.”