ScanSnap iX1500 compact personal scanner

Fujitsu has launched a new personal document scanner, the ScanScap iX1500, featuring a screen interface that can be setup to offer pre-programmed scans with the touch of a single button.

Peter Uher, General Manager Fujitsu Products for Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand said “This next-generation scanner is much easier to use, while keeping the basic concepts of ScanSnap: Simple, Speedy, and Compact. The iX1500 enables digital archiving and document management to be intuitively performed at your fingertips.” 

The iX1500 features a 4.3 inch touch screen that can be configured to save information to specific destinations based on individual user preference.

Each scanner comes with 4 individual licenses to ScanSnap Home, Fijitsu’s software to manage scanning and organising of documents, business cards, receipts, photos, and more via folders, tags and keywords. 

This includes intelligent automatic image processing functions, such as Automatic Colour Detection, Automatic Size Detection, Automatic Rotation, De-skew and Blank Page Removal.

ScanSnap Home automatically names and suggest titles for scanned documents based on content. Suggestion accuracy is improved the more titles are repeatedly edited, avoiding the need to spend time on repetitive corrections. Corrections made to company names attributed to scanned business cards, for instance, are reflected on successive scans with the same attributed company. 

The iX500 scans 30 sheets/minute in colour-duplex mode, offers built-in Wi-Fi with Direct Connect Mode 
and wupports 5GHz Wi-Fi. It retails for $A849/$NZ949



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