ayfie adds AI workflows for Relativity

ayfie, a software company for information retrieval and big text analytics, has announced the launch of ayfie Inspector for Relativity with Continuous Active Learning methods (CAL), designed to enhance the platform and offer innovative workflows to the Relativity users.

ayfie CAL is powered by SentioAI CAL Predictive Analytics & Sentio Maestro model-based quality control software. The Inspector for Relativity analytics suite leverages a revolutionary combination of linguistic and powerful machine learning products.

ayfie serves legal teams around the world with innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) products that streamline "big text" document review processes and maximize efficiency for reviewers. ayfie Inspector is an advanced linguistics-based text analyzer that lets customers find crucial information within their data by adding structure to vast amounts of content for rapid filtering and insights.

ayfie Inspector has been part of the Relativity App Hub since October 2017 but is now including the Sentio Software active learning technologies with near realtime classification suggestions.

Continuous Active Learning (CAL) can be compared to consumer music or product recommendation engines. With each new document tagged, recommendations are updated, making more accurate predictions with each batch. This method also seamlessly integrates rolling uploads to the Relativity workspace. It enables a "revolutionary speed-to-relevance", informing case strategy, while saving time and money.

ayfie Inspector can remove redundant content through threading and near-duplicate analysis. The visual search explorer allows users to identify and label key "issues" quickly which power immediate feedback and support simultaneous learning and results for all "issue tags" in the case.

Hence, it is very easy to use and eliminates the need for human review on most of the non-responsive portion of the document collection. Even when linear review is preferred, Sentio Maestro can monitor review decisions in real time, flag review inconsistencies and after QC of these flagged documents improving accuracy and lowering the risk of inadvertent productions.

"The ayfie Inspector for Relativity analytics suite is the state-of-the-art toolkit for investigating and reviewing large document collections," said Robert Wescott , Chief Strategy Officer at ayfie.

"The enhancements of ayfie CAL powered by SentioAI, Sentio Maestro™ and PII modules provide a new level of precision and ease in supervised machine learning workflows for the Relativity ecosystem."