Information Analytics

​​​​​​​Indium Software, a niche technology solutions company, has launches its flagship product ‘’ — an Ai based Text Analytics suite of solutions to offer data scraping, validation, classification, summarization, clustering, topic modelling and more.

Process Analytics is a specialized branch of business intelligence. It utilizes the same data as most other types of analytics however it views them as the traces of business processes. It connects multiple records belonging to the same business entity (patient, online order, insurance claim, etc.) and brings up a lot of information about the process behind these records.

TAIGER is making its suite of workplace AI solutions available on Azure, specifically Microsoft Marketplace and AppSource, in a global alliance with Microsoft.

Cambridge Semantics has announced updates to its Anzo data discovery and integration platform. The most notable update to Anzo is enhanced treatment of unstructured data, which Cambridge Semantics dubs “unstructured data 2.0.”

Text analytics software developed by The University of Queensland will be available as a ‘Software as a Service’ product to individual subscribers for the first time.

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume your organization is like most others when it comes to AI: you know what it is, you believe in its promise and you’re eager to see what it can do for your business.

Text analytics developer Luminoso has launched a new application called Daylight Express that is claimed to offer a fast and easy way to drive ROI on analyzing unstructured text data, such as surveys, product reviews, and call centre transcripts.

Text analytics software company ayfie has announced a $US10M funding round to accelerate its growth and extend its product offerings building on its reach in the legal tech sector and financial tech markets. This is the second investment round after the initial funding in June 2017.

Federal MP Amanda Rishworth raised concerns over the weekend that Australia could be headed for another robo-debt ordeal after the government reportedly confirmed the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will use data matching to audit childcare rebates. Government agencies increasingly use automated tools to make or facilitate decisions that affect citizens’ lives, but it’s not always appropriate for important decisions to be made by a computer.

Kingland has announced the general availability of a Text Analytics Suite, offering natural language processing and machine learning technology to accurately and automatically identify, tag and extract data from a variety of sources. Trained language models provide up to 90 percent accuracy across a variety of financial and corporate documents, with highly-tuned, source-specific models for narrow use cases capable of providing over 99 percent accuracy.