AI for Automation of Data Migration

Paxata has added a new feature to its Adaptive Information Platform. Intelligent Automation provides a new, smart algorithmic capability that enables business analysts to automate and operationalize complex data preparation projects and flows with the click of a button, accelerating the delivery of analytical projects.

“Paxata’s new Intelligent Automation capability allows our business and data analysts to collaborate across multiple data prep projects and then automate them into a single flow with a simple click of a button,” said Jim Tyo, Chief Data Officer, Nationwide Insurance (US).

“This is a critical capability, as it helps us encourage self-service and a collaborative development of complex data preparation projects, while making it easy to combine, run, maintain, and govern these workflows over time.”

In the past, self-service and IT-centric data integration have been two different, disconnected workstreams where business consumers create their own analytic sandboxes and IT develops and distributes corporate data assets.

The new release empowers all contributors – such as data analysts, data engineers, and citizen data scientists – across various data initiatives by enabling crowdsourcing and collaboration of not only data profiling and data preparation tasks, but also cataloguing, operationalizing and monitoring of workflows.

New capabilities include:

  • Intelligent Automation - Algorithmic discovery of curated data assets and data prep projects. Sophisticated actions and triggers that automate flows based on a series of parameters or events.
  • Monitoring and governance of data prep projects. Integration with other orchestration engines through REST APIs.
  • Excel-like Self-Service Transformations - String operations for trimming, padding, repeating or reversing field values. Search and replace, substitution, and regex functions. Date functions such as end of month, week of year, and working days. Numeric functions such as rounding up/down, square root, logarithm, and more.