Knosys launches KIQ Cloud

Knosys has launched a new cloud service called KIQ Cloud that aims to bring knowledge management to a broader market.

Knowledge can take the form of documents, creative content, brand guidelines, procedures and processes that, if not understood, can greatly affect customer profits. KIQ Cloud is a cloud-based, intuitive platform designed to simplify and centralise the organising and sharing of knowledge company wide.

Knosys says KIQ Cloud makes it easy for teams and individuals to find the right information, exactly when they need it, and provides direction for workflows, processes and compliance. It is designed for any business that operates customer contact centres, service desks, frontline offices or online self-service channels.

“We are very excited over the KIQ launch as it signals a pivotal transformation of the business. Knosys is well positioned in the enterprise space and I expect this to continue. Our vision however for the company is greater than this.” said Knosys’ Managing Director John Thompson.

“We want to bring knowledge management to the masses, by that I mean we want every mid-market business with 200 or more employees to have access to KIQ Cloud and reap the benefits previously only available to larger enterprises.

“The fact is, business information needs to be accurate, consistent and easily accessible by employees and customers alike and this is true for mid-market companies in today’s world. In a nut shell, KIQ Cloud was built to deliver improved employee productivity and deliver exceptional customer experience. It’s one of the few solutions available that can be implemented company-wide to fill knowledge gaps in every team and department.”

Knosys has invested significantly in optimizing and transforming its enterprise knowledge management solution into a cloud service that will support multiple customers in a multi-tenanted environment. Customers will be able to sign up to one of two service subscription types, ‘Teams’ or ‘Business’, and will have the option of paying yearly in advance or monthly.

“Over the last six months we actively engaged with potential mid-market customers in APAC, listened to their requirements and incorporated many new features which we know they value. We also examined the value proposition and developed a commercial model that we think is an outstanding and affordable offering to these businesses. This launch date has been selected to coincide with our recently announced Microsoft Gold Partnership and co-sell arrangement as it makes an attractive cloud solution available to their ecosystem of partners and resellers.” said Mr Thompson.

To support this new offering the company is also deploying a new sales team focused on the mid-market to drive customer wins in the APAC region. New sales offices are being opened in Sydney and Singapore to locate sales resources closer to customers.

Knosys Managing Director, John Thompson, said: “This initiative is not without risks, but the rewards to the company and our investors could be enormous in the medium to long term. We take our lead from company’s like Xero and Elmo who have targeted mid-markets, evolved their offering to better meet customer demands and who continue to innovate.

“In today’s world the most successful cloud companies are those that integrate with other solutions, hence we are building connectors to other services and recently added cloud storage Dropbox and Box to our platform. In the next 12 months we will have more as we grow our solution with our customers.”