Digital Signature Automation for OpenText

Fastman has launched two new digital signature and OpenText read-only license compliance solutions.

Fastman Digital Signatures is a digital signature solution for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM leveraging the DocuSign Agreement Cloud and on-premise Digital Signature Appliance.

Fastman Access Manager is designed to ensure compliance with OpenText Content Suite read-only user licensing, preventing non-compliance penalties and fines.

"With no technical limitations in the core Content Suite product, many OpenText customers have users that are performing actions that their read-only licenses do not permit. With regular audits, this can unwittingly cost them a significant amount of money in fines," says Alister Grigg, Managing Director at Fastman.

"Access Manager physically prevents the use of out-of-license functionality and enables admins to track what their read-only users are trying to achieve. It takes minutes to implement and saves our customers significant time, trouble and money."

In addition, Fastman has also announced an update to its Digital Signatures product.

"Our customers have wanted to sign documents within the DocuSign Agreement Cloud alongside our existing Digital Signature Appliance connector for quite some time," says Alister Grigg.

"With this release we enable organizations to seamlessly send documents for signing in either - or both - solutions directly from their OpenText systems."