Secured Signing teams up with Contract Eagle

Secured Signing and Contract Eagle have announced a partnership designed to help contract managers and legal teams worldwide to do business with greater speed and efficiency.

The new, deep integration between Contract Eagle and Secured Signing gives contract managers instant access to digital signing workflows that get B2B and B2C contracts signed faster and more securely than ever before.

Secured Signing’s Digital Signatures solution seals the document with the signer’s signature, providing document security, and confirmation of the signer’s identity which builds an online circle of trust. Combined with the Audit trail, ID Check, Video confirmation, and Witness Signatures, the solution provides comprehensive evidence as to who was behind the device when the contract was signed. 

With the new integration, Contract Eagle customers can now use Secured Signing to:

  • Initiate the signing process from within Contract Eagle
  • Take full control of the signing workflow
  • Automate follow up and reminders
  • Provide two factor authentication, video confirmation and ID check options
  • Monitor & manage a live signing process
  • Save the signed document automatically back into Contract Eagle


“Two things can now happen simultaneously within Contract Eagle”, Founder and CEO Simon Aspden explains. “You can get the final signatures effortlessly and begin proper management of the contract immediately.”

“There’s usually a huge amount of work that goes into getting that final signature,” Mr Aspden says. “Sometimes months of negotiation. And when you’ve got it sorted, you don’t want to put the contract in the bottom drawer and forget about it. With these new features, the process of managing the contract begins the moment it’s signed and instantly uploaded back into Contract Eagle. It all happens before you even pop the cork on the champagne.”

Mike Eyal, Secured Signing’s CEO, said: “We’re excited to expand our partnership with Contract Eagle. For close to a decade, Secured Signing has been working with enterprises worldwide. Over this time, our product has evolved in response to customer feedback. The result is a comprehensive digital solution that fits easily into existing processes. While it comes with the features you need to start right away, businesses can configure the solution according to their needs. Contract Eagle clients can access these benefits without ever leaving the Contract Management Platform”