Kapish lanches goTRIM Pro

Kapish has released goTRIM Pro 3.0, a complete re-write of the existing goTRIM application for mobile users of Micro Focus Content Manager (CM).

Now offering the same range of features on both Android and iOS, the new user-friendly interface allows for quick and easy record searching, providing multiple search options including the ability to browse via the Record Classification Scheme and direct access to user Favourites. It also provides users with the ability to edit Microsoft Office documents and annotate PDF files from the device.

Developed using the Content Manager Service API, goTRIM Pro follows standard CM authentication rules and enforces your existing business rules; ensuring user permissions and record security are maintained.

Integrating with your CM implementation, goTRIM Pro detects and displays a user’s existing CM shortcuts including Recent Documents, Favourite Records and User Label selections (e.g. Due Trays).

New Check In Options provide the same 3 options provided in Content Manager ion your mobile device.

The latest release also delivers further security enhancements around device lock out, storage of User Credentials, and removal of Offline Data. It is compatible with Micro Focus 9.1 onwards and a new Configuration Web site has been added for Administrators