Metadata toolkit built on Microsoft Azure has launched Metamap, a solution for Metadata Discovery and Validation now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Metamap, built upon’s Cognitive Platform allows large and medium-sized enterprises to build their business glossaries from both Physical Data and Business Informational sources.

Using Metamap, enterprise clients can bring knowledge from unstructured content into their metadata and business glossary creation process.

With 80% of enterprise business knowledge found in the form of text-based documents, Metamap automates business term discovery and assists data stewards in the creation of contextual definitions, saving more than 50 % over manual means.

It promises to allow Chief Data Officers to complete their transformation projects efficiently and with the scalability and robust features of Azure, including security, built-in indexing, custom query and storage capabilities that are a prerequisite to delivering a truly enterprise-grade machine-built capability.

“We built Metamap to eliminate the blind spots for our enterprise data governance clients,” said Rajib K. Saha, CEO of

“We have reduced, by over 50%, the manual effort required by data stewards for their EDG projects; Metamap integrates and structures the information within client business documents, then maps and clusters them with existing physical data.

“Critically, and for the first time, a powerful recommendation engine exists to aid in the creation of metadata definitions. We are excited to continue our relationship with Microsoft and plan additional solutions powered by Azure in the next few weeks.”

To learn more see Metamap on Azure Marketplace