M-Files Links Salesforce to SharePoint

M-Files Corporation has unveiled a solution that integrates Salesforce with on-premises repositories and systems like SharePoint. The new integration is based on the M-Files Ground Link technology which provides a secure and easy way to connect cloud-based systems and repositories with on-premises documents and data.

M-Files Ground Link allows cloud applications such as Salesforce to quickly and securely connect to important documents, files and business applications stored and managed on-premises in network folders, SharePoint, legacy ECM or other repositories.

Customer-related documents, such as proposals, presentations, contracts, purchase orders, and emails, are a key part of customer relationship management, but often reside in on-premises data stores making them inaccessible for cloud solutions like Salesforce without costly data migrations or unwanted content duplication. With M-Files, organizations can now tap directly into these formerly isolated information silos and utilize them from the cloud.

Salesforce users can now see documents and other files that are stored in SharePoint directly in the familiar account and opportunity views in Salesforce. They can browse, edit and add new documents to the SharePoint library as if they would in SharePoint directly, which drives user efficiency and productivity.

In addition, Salesforce users can use search to look for data from within their SharePoint sites. M-Files support for Salesforce also enables users to easily tag or attach documents to Salesforce objects such as accounts, leads, contacts, and opportunities.