Kapish AutoMate is now Content Manager 9.4 certified

Are you looking for a way to streamline your business functions through business process automation? Kapish AutoMate can automate tasks, reducing errors and increasing efficiencies.

Kapish AutoMate processes and automates repetitive Micro Focus Content Manager (CM) tasks. It is a modular service for CM task automation that is easy to install & maintain, all while reducing errors and increasing efficiencies.

Kapish AutoMate automatically processes specific tasks – what Kapish AutoMate does or the actions it performs, depends on the modules you install.

Content Manager task automation with Kapish AutoMate can perform file conversions, send email reminders and notifications, create CM folders and add renditions to records, just to name a few.

The latest release (Version 1.30.2336) delivers all Kapish AutoMate modules including Core, Notifications, Personal Workspace, Network File Capture, and Image Processing.

All existing customers, current with their product annual maintenance payments, are entitled to download the latest versions of the Kapish Productivity Suite from the Kapish website.