SafeGuard Cyber Announces New Integration with Content Manager

SafeGuard Cyber has integrated its security and compliance solutions for social, mobile, and collaboration platforms with Micro Focus’ Content Manager. The new connector is included with the release of Micro Focus Content Manager, version 9.4.1.

As enterprise and government organizations become increasingly dependent on social media and mobile channels for everyday productivity and customer or citizen engagement, this new connector will enable the seamless capture and archiving of posts from social media, collaboration channels, and mobile chat apps to Content Manager. 

"We’ve seen consistently high demand across our customer base for a solution that captures social media and digital content into Content Manager for record-keeping and regulatory compliance requirements,” said David Gould, Worldwide Senior Director of Secure Content Management Solutions at Micro Focus, “We’re pleased to work with SafeGuard Cyber to extend the use of Content Manager and  help our customers address business-critical digital needs.”

In addition to archiving, SafeGuard Cyber secures these channels against cyber threats and compliance violations. The platform provides realtime protection for social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn; collaboration channels such as Slack and Microsoft Teams; and mobile apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat. In all, SafeGuard Cyber supports risk protection for over 50 critical social media and digital channels, and the list is growing.

The speed and scale of social and digital messaging has proven challenging for many organizations. Jim Zuffoletti, CEO of SafeGuard Cyber, noted, "We are pleased to partner with Micro Focus to empower enterprise and government organizations to use today’s social and digital channels securely and at scale.”

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