Online Guide to Free Tech Tools available during COVID-19 crisis

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) has launched a portal to provide Australian businesses with free access to services to help them stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Australian Business Continuity online resource centre:

Free offers available on the site are from current AIIA member companies including: Telstra, Google, ServiceNow, Cisco, Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe, Salesforce and SAP.

There are a range of teleworking technologies that support tele and video conferencing, virtual meetings and events as well as other remote business services that can be deployed out of the traditional office environment enabling business continuity.

Mr Ron Gauci, CEO AIIA said: “The technology industry, through the Australian Information Industry Association and working closely with Australian Federal and State governments, has created the Australian Business Continuity online resource centre – designed to support the economy during these difficult and unprecedented times.

“AIIA would like to thank the companies who have already signed on for their support in assisting Australian businesses, schools, students, governments and workplaces for contributing to this online resource in what is proving to be a challenging time for all businesses.”

The new Online Resource Centre provides information for Australians on services available to meet their specific remote working needs such as free technology solutions, advice and important information which will enable people and businesses to link to the relevant platforms to access the service from that a wide range of companies.


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