Xinja banks on Box

Australia’s new mobile phone only bank Xinja has chosen the Box cloud document management platform to deliver customers’ bank statements and account data via a portal. Xinja’s financial lending team will also use Box as a way of managing documents with customers to drive faster end-user outcomes. 

“We’re offering a new way to bank, a true alternative to Australia’s big four banks. Having happy customers goes a long way to helping us break the high-cost, high-profit model of Australian banking.” said Greg Steel, Chief Information Officer at Xinja.

“To achieve this customer-centric goal, we have chosen Box to help create an elegant and responsive experience for our clients.”

Xinja’s architecture is entirely built on the cloud  - with no on premise data centres. All data resides on Amazon Web Services.

SAP provides Xinja’s core banking system.

Head of Architecture Rohan Sharp said, “We have implemented solutions in months where legacy banks would take years. Yes, that’s a result of our size and scale, we can make decisions quickly. But it’s also a direct result of the fact that our technical landscape is modern, decoupled and simple.

“We have a solid digital foundation in place that we will be able to build on over the coming years. As we identify and roll out new features our platform will be built out to support them. It has always been a goal of Xinja to give our customers access to their own data. Open banking is central to this. I look forward to the day that creative fintechs can use Xinja’s services to provide value-added services to our customers – in a highly secure way.” 

Document security will be provided via Box KeySafe, Box’s encryption key management solution; Box Zones, which enables data to be stored locally within Australia; and Box Governance, to ensure compliance and regulation requirements are met.