Datalogics Announces FLIP2PDF 1.3 With HTML To PDF Conversion Capabilities

Datalogics has launched a new version of FLIP2PDF, a scriptable server tool that gives users better control over their file conversion process. The latest release (version 1.3) offers HTML to PDF conversion.

Sending, sharing, and reviewing websites among your coworkers or clients can be challenging. By offering an easy bridge from HTML to PDF, FLIP2PDF allows you to build a workflow where you can pull data in HTML form, either directly from the web or as generated from other sources, and easily convert that to PDF for long-term usage.

Additionally, since most websites are in constant state of change, using FLIP2PDF to document what a website had posted previously provides a convenient way to store that information when it inevitably gets removed from its original source.

Here’s how FLIP2PDF now supports HTML to PDF conversion:

  • Adds the ability to convert HTML to PDF from a local file or URL
    • Adds support for configuring:
      • Output page size
      • Output page orientation
      • Output page margin size
      • Web layout view (affects layout of page before conversion)
      • Image downsampling
      • Image compression

Here are some additional use cases for HTML to PDF conversion, which may include:

  • Creating print versions of a dynamic web page
  • Creating user guides and specifications
  • Sending and receiving customer information
  • Representing electronic records

The ability to easily convert HTML to PDF can also help you digitally transform your workflows, whether it be through data-entry automation or form-filling capture. When you’re able to swiftly and easily convert HTML to PDF, you will discover auditing capabilities that can help you achieve complete digital transformation.

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