SmartIQ promises to Digitally Transform the Forms Process

Smart Communications, provider of a customer conversations management platform, has announced the launch of SmartIQ. Evolving from the Intelledox product, which Smart Communications acquired in July 2019.

SmartIQ promises to transform traditional forms-based processes into intelligent, conversational user experiences that improve the customer experience (CX) while also streamlining internal systems, managing risk and reducing demand for support services.

“Enterprises must stop delivering customer communications and instead start enabling customer conversations that are interactive, personally relevant and consistent across all channels and SmartIQ is a key component to this critical evolution,” said James Brown, CEO of Smart Communications.

“When we acquired Intelledox last year we knew that together, we could redefine customer engagement while helping companies become more efficient, decrease time to market and ultimately generate more revenue. The launch of SmartIQ is the culmination of that vision and we are thrilled for what this means for our company and the customers we serve.”

SmartIQ is available via Amazon Web Services (AWS), a deployment option first made available to SmartCOMM customers more than two years ago.

“At a time when delivering digital-first customer interactions is more important than ever, we are pleased to be able to support our customers with cloud-based technologies, like SmartIQ, that allow them to be agile and empowered to respond to rapid change while also keeping their customer relationships front and centre,” said Brown.