Delivering Rule-Based Email Workflows and Policies from the Cloud

Maintaining full control over the multifaceted email communication channel, with all its intricacies, is becoming more complex every day. This not only applies to the high-performance routing required within company networks. Critical business issues such as process automation are also becoming increasingly difficult to cover with standardized solutions.

Companies need more control over incoming email traffic, ideally before the messages are delivered to the company's own infrastructure. To meet this challenge, Munich-based cloud services provider Retarus has developed the new Predelivery Logic service.

Retarus Predelivery Logic analyses emails in accordance with customer-defined specific rule sets, redirects and optimizes them if necessary, and only then forwards them to the company's infrastructure. The service allows IT managers to control, organize, redirect, or adapt all incoming email traffic based on rules they have defined themselves.

These rules, each consisting of conditions and actions, can be combined in flexible ways to enable a virtually unlimited number of operational scenarios, irrespective of whether the company is running its own email infrastructure on premises or using a cloud service.

Workflow automation: More than just a "policy engine"

Retarus Predelivery Logic makes it possible to specify how emails should be processed, based on their content or language. This means that messages sent to the support team or contact centre can be presorted automatically and routed to the correct department in the appropriate country.

Similarly, the service makes it possible to process emails automatically in accordance with the rule sets that have been put in place, such as to rewrite email addresses or to add keywords to subject lines. Retarus Predelivery Logic provides substantially more functionality than a basic policy engine and enables the automation of critical business processes.

Maximum control over inbound emails

"These days, when we speak to our large enterprise customers in the course of ongoing projects, the feedback they give us leaves no doubt: overcoming the challenges posed by [email's] ever-increasing complexity, requires an intelligent, flexible approach. Especially for the migration of their email communication into the cloud," says Martin Hager, founder and CEO of Retarus.

"Businesses want to have more control over inbound email traffic as early in the process as possible. Ideally, they would like to apply rules even before the messages are delivered to their own infrastructure. Once the email is on the company's own servers, applications or even in the users' inboxes, it is often too late to put many of their policies and guidelines into practice."

Companies will have the opportunity to evaluate the service free of charge.




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