NZ smart voicemail software startup secures $600K

New Zealand-based voicemail software start-up, Vxt, has expanded its services into Australia after securing NZD$600,000 in seed funding.

Vxt has delivered more than 250,000 messages for its more than 18,000 users after launching 12 months ago in New Zealand.

Lucy Turner, chief technology officer, said “Our solution is hitting the market at exactly the perfect time. Australians are leaving nearly 10 million voicemails every day, front-desk reception roles are being cut and the growing preference of many people is to read messages, rather than dialling-in to pick up voicemail.

"Vxt lets users customise their voicemail with smart features including greetings that change depending on who’s calling, the time of day, and more."

By using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Vxt adapts to business and user needs, and offers contact-based voicemail greetings, automatic business and after-hours greetings, email forwarding, voicemail transcriptions, and more.

Vxt integrates with a variety of industry-specific CRMs, email platforms, and business productivity tools, helping users to save hundreds of hours a year in checking voicemails, while also improving the customer experience. With its Secure Shield, Vxt also offers users enterprise-level security in its voicemail application.

Luke Campbell, CEO, said, “Our plans for the company following our seed funding round are to keep expanding in New Zealand, push into Australia, and drive into the US and UK markets as well. We will be seeking additional capital to help us do that at speed, while we invest more into our technology and machine learning, so we can develop more accurate transcriptions and improve our current offering.

“We are also developing a conversational AI assistant to answer phone calls, as well as smart phone systems to provide our customers with a full telecommunications service.”

Vxt was formed in New Zealand in November 2018 by 23 year olds Luke Campbell, chief executive officer, and Lucy Turner, chief technology officer, who met while studying at university.

Vxt is available to download through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and can be used online via its web application. Vxt is available in a free version and with paid subscription options starting from AU$2.30 per month.