ArkHub promises low cost archive storage with no “bill shock “

Broadcasting industry supplier MediaHub Australia has developed a new multi-industry platform for low cost archive storage with the launch of ArkHub.

The company claims it offers all the features of the major deep archive vendors but without the ingress, egress, retrieval and region costs which the major vendors levy their clients with.”.

MediaHub CEO Alan Sweeney said, “For some time now MediaHub has received requests from our clients for an archive solution where they are able to re-use their content without the un-intended, unbudgeted and often substantial egress and ingress costs typically associated with deep archive solutions. In short, they wanted to avoid bill shock.

“In addition to this, enterprise-level clients do not want to invest in their own private island, small scale backup systems and are seeking to outsource these capabilities. They are also looking to a partner to provide a secure service for a second or third backup storage system to mitigate any issue with a single supplier for backup.

“ArkHub easily, simply and cost-effectively meets all their requirements, has no possibility of bill shock and thus is the solution they and the rest of the market have been requesting.”

Long term technology partner Hewlett Packard Enterprise also worked with MediaHub to identify demand from many industries looking for lower cost deep storage solutions.

ArkHub offers high speed fibre connections to datacentres such as NEXTDC, Global Switch, Equinix and Telstra Oxford Falls.

MediaHub Head of Technology, Simon Scott added, “ArkHub is a highly cost effective and complete self-healing archive storage solution which has multi-exabyte scalability, is optimised for enterprise cloud environments and is 'always-on' with a 100% availability SLA and 14x9 durability SLA. We wanted ArkHub to be truly flexible and agile, which is why it is designed to be compatible with over 100 Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and over 50 backup and archive products in the market, including Veeam, Commvault, Veritas, Net Back Up, Cohesity and Ruberik.

ArkHub utilises Scality file, object and data storage technology. ArkHub pricing allows clients to store their data for only a monthly storage cost, with no further ingress or egress charges, no early deletion or embargo fees and no region fees. Critically ArkHub does not limit clients to storing their data specifically as an ‘archive’. Clients can upload a single file or perform a bulk upload with no price difference as ArkHub is simply a fixed price per gigabyte per month fee.


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