Camunda Boosts Developer Productivity for Process Automation

Open source process automation provider Camunda has unveiled new productivity boosting features in its latest Camunda Platform release, enabling development teams to deliver critical process automation projects faster. Developers can better harness the power of reusability to help other team members, such as low-code developers and RPA engineers, deliver automated processes faster.

Pro-code developers can supply the rest of the organization with reusable process components that serve as building blocks for process automation projects.

According to Gartner, “Business executives are demanding a path to digital operational excellence. Gartner’s CEO Survey ranked outdated work processes as the No. 1 workforce issue. The net result is a tremendous, pent-up demand to democratize process automation and data integration.”1

To keep pace with digital transformation initiatives, development teams look to involve low-code developers where possible, allowing professional software developers to focus on critical and complex tasks.

Custom components, such as those that connect with back-end systems and other endpoints as part of a process, may now be readily replicated into templates, facilitating reuse among pro-code and low-code developers alike, dramatically reducing time-to-implementation for process automation projects.

“We focus our innovation on empowering development teams, and today’s release expands on our commitment to helping organizations design, build, and manage processes end to end,” said Camunda CTO Daniel Meyer.

“Providing professional developers with the best and most productive experience is critical for enterprise scale processes and applications. At the same time, in large enterprises there is a wide range of processes that need automation and process designers with different backgrounds and skill sets. This release helps further expand the talent pool for process automation initiatives including low-code developers and RPA engineers.”

Camunda Platform is a complete process automation tech stack with powerful execution engines for BPMN workflows and DMN decisions paired with essential applications for modeling, operations and analytics.

New features that are part of the latest release include:

  • A catalogue of reusable process components that work across technologies. Software developers can provide other team members such as low-code developers with ready-made components that implement company- or domain-specific functionality. 
  • RPA modernization with point-and-click orchestration across RPA tools. The latest release adds support for out-of-the-box orchestration of Automation Anywhere bots. This, along with the already available UiPath bot integration, provides a highly efficient path to incorporate siloed RPA bots into fully automated, end-to-end enterprise processes.
  • Enhanced process analytics and dashboards for end-to-end process analytics. Process owners and other stakeholders can analyze their processes easier and more comprehensively using a refreshed report builder with multi-metrics reporting.
  • Further enhancements for organizations using Camunda Platform on a large scale. Template versioning, deep BPMN-error support, as well as improved team collaboration for DMN will particularly benefit large-scale process automation projects.

To better reflect Camunda’s focus on end-to-end process automation and orchestration, this release also rebrands the previously known product name “Camunda BPM” as “Camunda Platform.”

Camunda Platform 7.15 is distributed as a free, open source Community Edition as well as a commercial Enterprise Edition. Open source downloads and a free trial of the Enterprise Edition are available at