Pega promises Self-Optimising Process Automation

Pegasystems has announced Pega Process AI – a new set of Pega Platform capabilities that promise to help organisations optimize their business and customer operations in real time by infusing self-optimizing AI and decision management into its low-code process automation software.

According to Pegasystems, as digital expectations continue to rise, organizations are turning to process automation to more efficiently assist their employees and customers. But, the company asserts,  most automation solutions are too slow and rigid to meet the dynamic needs of the enterprise and even lack basic business rules capabilities. While some automation offerings have been enhanced with AI, they still can’t scale enough to analyse the massive streams of data signals being emitted from customers that can help organizations make smarter decisions.

Process AI applies realtime AI, event stream processing, machine learning, decisioning, and natural language processing (NLP) to any business process. These capabilities analyse millions of streaming events and immediately make intelligent decisions so each case gets quickly resolved.

Using hundreds of self-learning models, Process AI also streamlines inefficient processes on the fly to better optimize business outcomes. This enables enterprises to more effectively and efficiently resolve events – and even anticipate issues before they arise – so they deliver the best possible customer and employee experiences.

For example, an insurance company can use Process AI to triage a surge of incoming claim requests after a major storm by automatically approving claims or routing more complex incidents to the best available agent; a financial services company can scan fraud alerts in realtime and automatically open a case for a relevant security expert to investigate; or a manufacturer can analyse IOT-connected device signals and, if it predicts trouble on the horizon, proactively open a service ticket and notify a dealer and end customer to the potential issue.

“Slick user interfaces quickly lose their lustre with customers if the back-end processes driving the actual work are too slow and inefficient to deliver on brand promises,” said Don Schuerman, CTO and vice president of product marketing, Pegasystems.

“Pega Process AI combines two of Pega’s most advanced solutions – AI and intelligent automation – to help ensure promises made at the front end are promises kept at the back end. By infusing AI into our deep expertise with case management and process automation, we help clients more efficiently and effectively serve their customers and assist their employees.”

Process AI will be available for purchase as an add on for Pega Platform clients by the end of Q2 2021 as part of the Pega Infinity 8.6 product release.