Alkymi Patterns extracts Data in Realtime to Automate Workflows

Alkymi, developer of Alkymi Data Inbox, has announced the launch of Alkymi Patterns, a tool that gives business users a simple way to identify and extract data in realtime to automate business processes running on email and documents.

In enterprises worldwide, the potential business value in unstructured email and document data is immense, but the process for unlocking it is broken. Efficiently capturing this business data - for example when onboarding a new customer - requires significant operational resources and time with the ever-present possibility of data loss and inadvertent human mistakes.

This results in increasingly taxing workloads on employees as business grows, and a lack of agility, speed and accuracy that puts companies at risk of losing business to more efficient competitors.

"Alkymi brings computer vision and machine learning-powered automation into daily workflows, eliminating manual data entry by analysts and supercharging processes so that users can make more intelligent decisions, faster, and at lower cost," said Harald Collet, co-founder and CEO of Alkymi.

"Adopting Alkymi Patterns allows organizations to introduce automation and human augmentation even more broadly across their workforces."

Alkymi Data Inbox + Patterns - Define, Automate and Repeat

Alkymi Data Inbox, the company's flagship platform, liberates the data stuck in emails and documents to enable faster and more accurate data extraction, power business processes with clean, decision-ready data, and increase time-to-insight for competitive advantage.

Now, with Alkymi Patterns, business users - without the need for data science or other technical support - can extract specific data from tables and text to create their own automation jobs and eliminate repetitive email and document processing.

Once a data pattern is created, it can automate an infinite number of individual data extraction jobs, such as those required in banking, asset management, and insurance operations, to save huge amounts of time, money and resources while improving customer service and turn-around times.

First, business users leverage Patterns to define the data they want to extract using simple search terms in as little as one minute to eliminate manual work by 98%. These individual data fields will be assigned to a schema that can be used to automate the extraction of specific data points on an ongoing basis, processing nearly all of the unstructured data in a specific workflow.

  • Flexible mapping and formatting commands helps users to organise information according to their own business logic and objectives
  • Data lineage is always preserved and 100% traceable back to the source

Powered by computer vision, machine learning and a deep understanding of tabular data structures, Patterns is able to determine the context and location of the data points buried inside rows, columns, charts and text.

  • Any type of data can be extracted in any document format, layout, or naming convention - over 27 enterprise file formats are currently supported
  • Extracted data appears instantly in the Alkymi user interface, email inbox or application of choice, ready for human-in-the-loop review, processing and export

Once business users set up their documents, email or other text, Patterns will locate, extract, and output the exact data needed. In this way, users can eliminate operational bottlenecks and simplify processes with their own customized and automated workflows.

  • Set up automation jobs and eliminate friction from the front to the back office
  • Integrate with any downstream system with Alkymi APIs