CloudTrade introduces new data capture standards for logistics sector

CloudTrade, a provider of e-invoicing, e-order, and complex data capture services, is launching  FreightDocs, a bespoke, cloud-based, plug and play data capture solution, tailor-made for processing freight and logistics documents.

Built on CloudTrade’s patented Gramatica technology and guaranteeing 100% accurate data capture; FreightDocs enables touchless processing of all types of freight and logistics documents, including freight invoices, freight bills, bills of lading (BOLs), statements, goods receipt notes, and consignment notes, according to the vendor.

With a network of top global carriers already live, the new solution speeds up onboarding and increases adoption by matching a business’s top transacting carriers to its set of preconfigured models, which can be modified to fit a business’s specific data formatting requirements.

Enabling freight auditors, TMS providers, 3PL’s, freight forward operators and payment providers to extract, validate and convert data from hundreds of documents, and upload clean and structured data into their existing transport management software (TMS) system quickly and efficiently.

“FreightDocs delivers unparalleled, automated, data capture accuracy in just a few weeks. Providing operators with greater control and insight over their freight data, which, of course, helps them to control and monitor costs,” said Roger Hatfield, VP, CloudTrade for Logistics.

“Our proprietary solution allows on the ground and back-office teams to process documents quickly, and then share that crucial data with their organisation’s existing systems within minutes of receipt.”

FreightDocs builds on CloudTrade for Logistics, a freight invoice platform, which enables carriers to overcome inefficient methods of freight invoice processing and transact digitally with their trading partners, regardless of their size or technical maturity.

Launched in 2019, CloudTrade for Logistics enabled freight payment providers, third-party logistics (3PLs) and business process outsourcing partners (BPOs) to increase efficiencies, slash operational costs and increase throughput, by eliminating the processing of PDF and paper invoices. 

With the addition of FreightDocs, CloudTrade for Logistics will continue to deliver benefits to both sides of the trading relationship, from cost reduction, to increased control, according to the vendor.

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