Japan’s OCR Solution DX Suite Supports Simplified Chinese

AI inside Inc., provider of AI platform “DX Suite” is expanding its AI-empowered optical character recognition (AI-OCR) to support simplified Chinese in addition to traditional Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, English, and Japanese. DX Suite can digitise the content of documents and advances digital transformation for global companies.

The global intelligent document processing (IDP) market, which uses AI technology to extract data from documents, is expected to reach $US3.7 billion by 2026, growing from $US0.8 billion in 2021, due to the increase in the need for accurate management and processing of large volumes of documents.

With society moving towards digital transformation, companies and organisations in many countries are shifting to paperless and digitizing data. However, companies are still handling and receiving many paper documents from their clients and partners.

DX Suite digitizes all kinds of documents with AI inside’s in-house developed “character recognition AI.” It contributes to automating the data entry work that has been completed manually and leads to improvement of productivity and digital transformation for many companies.

With the added support of simplified Chinese in addition to other languages, “DX Suite” can now support more companies and organizations in mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and other regions for their digital transformation. AI inside continues to support multiple languages and accelerate business expansion in Asia and other global markets.

Companies in China need to submit an "invoice" as a form for reporting Value Added Tax to the Chinese tax authorities. While there has been progress in electronic filing, paper forms remain at many offices. With “DX Suite” connecting and the Robotic Process Automation (RPA), users can automate data entry work for various companies and organizations.



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