Empired app to help employees contribute to security

Empired has announced the launch of the Empired User Secure Score app, its latest addition to the cybersecurity toolkit for organisations, designed to help every individual contribute to the security of the organisation in which they work.

While most organisations invest heavily in their cybersecurity in terms of training, software, and hardware to keep their digital assets safe, the reality is that every member of a business can contribute to the overall security posture, not just dedicated cybersecurity experts. According to Egress, human error causes 93 per cent of all incidents and 84 per cent of all breaches. (1)

Darren Christophersen, group general manager, modern work and digital, Empired, said, “One of the most damaging incidents that can occur in a modern organisation will likely happen away from the physical office either in a loungeroom, café, or airport lounge. This is known as user-induced cybercrime and occurs when a lost, unattended, or misused laptop or phone quickly escalates into a situation where bad actors are selling data to competitors, holding an organisation to ransom, or even logging on to start interfering with operations.

“The question for organisations shouldn’t be how to stop hackers getting into staff devices, it should be how to train their staff to treat their devices like they’re the keys to the company safe. And the answer is not simply more education or training. While the training may be successfully delivered, there is no way to tell if it is understood and acted upon, or if the risk profile is decreasing.”

The Empired User Secure Score works alongside Microsoft Teams, combining decades of cybersecurity experience that Empired and Microsoft have accumulated to give organisations a bird’s eye view of the level of security compliance from their team.

Empired’s User Secure Score provides realtime views of individual users’ security behaviours including scores, ranking, and suggestions for improvement. This moves cybersecurity awareness beyond the theory of education and lets organisations and individuals take control with real behavioural change right across the entire spectrum of operations including roles, environments, and geographies.

The Empired User Secure Score queries the Microsoft graph and other application programming interfaces (APIs) and then calculates a user secure score for a set of security measures and controls. The individual score is then presented to the user in Teams along with their team score average, and the organisation’s average score. The app also provides the user with a list of controls they can implement to increase their score and step-by-step instructions on how to add these to improve their personal security score.

Darren Christophersen said, “Empired manages the Empired User Secure Score app as a service, implemented in a dedicated Microsoft Azure subscription in the data centre of the organisation’s choice. As part of the service, Empired will continually add new measures and manage the underlying data structure. The organisation can access its snapshot easily at any time with Empired on hand to recommend what action to take to ensure that incomplete tasks are implemented.

“Empired will also provide up-to-date information on new threats and strategies to apply within this easy-to-use and adaptable framework. By implementing the Empired User Secure Score alongside Microsoft Teams, individuals and organisations can be made aware of the impact their actions can have on keeping malicious attacks at bay.”


(1) https://www.egress.com/news/94-percent-of-organisations-have-suffered-insider-data-breaches