Laserfiche picks DoubleYard as AI OCR Partner

Laserfiche will look to advance and automate its character recognition capabilities using DoubleYard’s DeepRead suite of artificial intelligence (AI) OCR/ICR technology which will now be tightly integrated with the Laserfiche platform to enable the recognition of both digital print and handwritten text with a high degree of accuracy.

Tatsuya Yasunaga, CEO of DoubleYard commented, “We are excited to partner with an industry leader like Laserfiche and specifically, as a Laserfiche Technology Partner. Together, we look forward to adding value to Laserfiche’s successful product portfolio and supporting revenue growth for Laserfiche’s solution providers.”

DoubleYard’s product portfolio is known as DeepRead. The DeepRead product portfolio includes DeepRead Forms templating solution for structured content, DeepRead Free Form for full-page, unstructured document capture, and DeepRead Extract for targeted content extraction from unstructured documents. All solutions are based on an advanced AI platform that leverages years of experience and millions of previously processed documents.

DoubleYard claims DeepRead is able to achieve a digitization accuracy rate of over 90% for handwriting. DeepRead is being widely used in industries such as finance, health care, and education. Via its REST API, DeepRead is seamlessly integrated with systems such as RPA, IDP or directly into ERP.

Through its products and employees, DoubleYard is invested in solving the last mile challenge of Intelligent Automation.