AvePoint Launches Ransomware Detection

AvePoint has announced the launch of Ransomware Detection, as part of Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365, to further protect digital collaboration data. This new capability proactively detects suspicious behaviour within users’ Microsoft OneDrive, while minimizing disruption to productivity and collaboration.

After detecting unusual activity, Cloud Backup provides detailed reports to shorten the investigation and flag the areas of question for Customer’s Admin, and if necessary, restores all or specific OneDrive data, recovering business-critical information quickly for Cloud Backup customers.

AvePoint is also launching its Ransomware Warranty for MSPs, which primarily serve small business clients via its global distribution network, to give the ultimate assurance they will be protected. It provides coverage of up to one million dollars if customer data is not recovered due solely to a failure of these eligible products: AvePoint Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Google Workspace and Salesforce. Detailed terms and conditions apply.

“Ransomware attacks have become one of the top security threats for organizations, especially as increased digital collaboration opens up more vulnerabilities,” said Dr. Tianyi Jiang (TJ), CEO and Co-Founder, AvePoint.

“In 2021 alone, ransomware attacks hit companies every 11 seconds, and the average cost to recover is in the millions of dollars. With the launch of Ransomware Detection, AvePoint continues to deliver on our promise of securing digital collaboration for enterprises across the globe.”

New features of AvePoint’s Ransomware Detection, as part of Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365, include:

Early event detection: This function uses machine learning algorithms to detect unusual activities, as well as potential ransomware attack events within users’ Microsoft OneDrive. Customers’ admin can also be notified when such events are detected.

Quick investigation: Ransomware attacks are a serious security incident. IT and security teams need to perform incident investigations as soon as possible to have a better understanding of the impact to formulate a plan to remediate the risk. Cloud Backup provides top-down reports to help admins quickly drill into the areas of question to nail down to the impacted scopes, which can greatly help shorten the investigation and data restore time.

Faster restore from quality backup: AvePoint successfully protects hundreds of petabytes of data across the public and private sector, so when customers restore their data after an incident investigation, they can be confident that it is safe. In addition, Cloud Backup provides easy-to-follow guidance about the time range to restore from, which helps with faster and precise recovery from backup data.

Cloud Backup empowers businesses to defend against ransomware attacks and ensure organizational business continuity. This is largely due to long-term immutable backup data, machine learning based anomaly and ransomware attack detection, and easy-to-follow UI reporting and navigation to help fast and precise recovery.



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