Power PDF 5 adds new Text Recognition, Mobile and E-Signature tech

Kofax has announced the availability of Power PDF 5, the new version adding advanced document conversion using Kofax’s text recognition, fuzzy search, seamless e-signature workflows, and support for the latest industry PDF standards.

PDFs are searchable and usable after OCR scanning. Users have access to all information in their documents with fewer errors.

Proximal fuzzy search can find a variety of terms and phrases – helping users broaden what they’re looking for.

“Enterprises, SMBs and consumers understand PDFs have become the standard digital document format for everything from scanned images to critical born-digital information,” says Liz Benson, Senior Vice President of Corporate Growth Strategy at Kofax. 

“With our latest Power PDF release, we continue to push the envelope with deeper integrations, and now feature a mobile version to further empower distributed workforces. We’ve also expanded integrations with our other products, making the end-to-end process safer with top-notch security, reducing exposure to vulnerabilities.”

Key features of Kofax Power PDF 5 include:

Next-generation text recognition. Kofax’s industry-best OCR engine is now tightly integrated with Power PDF 5. Extracting data from scanned documents and converting to PDF files is a breeze, while world-class accuracy saves you time in the editing phase. Formatting and creating a fillable form are also now more precise than all other industry solutions.

Enhanced search capabilities. As the only PDF editor with fuzzy search, Power PDF helps teams in any industry quickly find similar or relevant words and phrases. Legal departments, in particular, are now much more efficient when searching for terms to redact.

Support for the latest file format. Added support for the PDF/A-4 format, the latest ISO standard for industry conformance and accessibility requirements. With this release, Kofax is the only competing vendor at the forefront of PDF formatting, ensuring backward compatibility and removing the risk that features will be lost.

Extended Kofax SignDoc integration. Seamless e-signature workflows expedite digital signatures without ever having to leave the PDF editor.

Collaboration across teams. Today’s hybrid workforce must stay connected. Power PDF 5’s cloud collaboration capabilities enable real-time teamwork globally, while the new browser extension allows teams to operate Power PDF within Chrome and Edge browsers.

Stringent security and compliance standards. Authorization control and 256-bit AES encryption permit security and compliance across the most heavily regulated industries.

Introducing Kofax Power PDF Mobile

Kofax’s new Power PDF Mobile app enables teams to view and work with PDF files on their favourite phone or tablet. Users can sign documents remotely by drawing on the screen, or print and email PDF files straight from their mobile device.