Appfire boosts Workflow for Jira, Slack, Teams users

To support cross-ecosystem workflows between Atlassian and the Slack and Microsoft communities, Appfire has announced its strategic acquisition of, a software technology company that providescollaboration software solutions for Slack and Microsoft Teams.

The portfolio of apps from empowers teams across enterprises to work more efficiently through the reduction of context switching. This acquisition allows them to have productive conversations without disruptions, ensuring access to multiple tools through one application. Seamless collaboration becomes the primary focus, giving teams the support needed to successfully work wherever and however they prefer.

In today's hybrid-remote workforce, seamless collaboration is key for both cloud and on-prem environments across organizations of any size. With IT and development teams under immense pressure to deliver results faster and under tight deadlines, the workflow needs to be streamlined and tools need to communicate with each other. and Appfire solutions live at the intersection of planning and delivery where all work can be conducted smoothly in one place, reducing waste in the workflow process.

Through integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams, Appfire customers using the Atlassian suite will now have the ability to streamline ticket submissions, capture and share communication threads and create more efficient daily scrum meetings.

"As work evolves in organizations, critical workflows continue to occur in chat programs like Slack and Microsoft Teams. To exist at the heartbeat of a company's processes with AI-powered applications is an advantageous place to be because it enables us to see how work truly flows and build products to help organizations reduce silos," said Randall Ward, co-founder and CEO of Appfire.

"Together with, we are committed to empowering teams everywhere to continue focusing on work that really matters."

"The tech stack integration of our solutions will benefit both Appfire and customers by heightening connectivity, building up machine learning models, and understanding behaviours that work to provide ultimate chat first workflows."

Over the past year, has released four apps, including new solutions for ITSM, documentation, meetings and sales teams to further integrate Slack and Microsoft Teams into core workflows.

The suite of apps from include:

- Integration+ leading two-way integration for Jira that allows teams to create, update, edit and monitor Jira issues without switching context.

- Helpdesk+ elevates internal support by creating a two-way integration between Jira Service Management and chat to resolve issues faster with automation, knowledge base integration and easy approvals.

- Docs+ powerful two-way integration for Confluence that lets you create, share, and update company knowledge directly in chats.

- Meeting+ integrates scrum meetings with Jira to automatically help your team remember what they worked on, clean the board and run faster meetings with just a few clicks.

- Deals+ connects your conversations with your CRM and enables your team to track customer relationships and close deals faster.


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