SOTI Snap Delivers Optimised Workflows

SOTI Snap – a cross-platform solution enabling organisations to rapidly build in-house apps – has enhanced its workflow optimisation capabilities to facilitate the rapid digitisation of manual processes and streamline businesses workflows. 

The new SOTI Snap update includes a drag-and-drop workflow process builder that easily automates and tracks approval-based business processes across multiple departments.

With this feature, workflow apps designed in the SOTI Snap platform are now equipped with complete audit trails to help any organisation streamline approval processes and transparent business procedures, while allowing inefficiencies to be identified and solved.

“To have a successful work environment, time and efficiency serve as the core components for productivity. With communications and approval processes occupying the time of employees, particularly the head of departments that are already stretched thin – reducing manual and paper-based processes is a must for modern businesses,” said Michael Dyson, VP of Sales, APAC at SOTI.

“With a focus on streamlining internal processes through innovation, SOTI Snap allows organisations to take back this time by easily digitising data collection and approval processes to make them fast and efficient, saving both time and money whilst optimising mobile device investment.”

The SOTI Snap update includes the following features:

Scheduled Reports - SOTI Snap now brings an efficient way to track reports on a periodic basis. App developers can schedule a report for specific console users at the desired frequency, such as daily, weekly or monthly. Developers can customise the report email template with their own wording and appearance.

Granular App Permissions - SOTI Snap opens newer possibilities for building video-related apps such as training apps or lightweight digital signage. With a new video player widget, developers can build a playlist of multiple videos which can be streamed online or offline in the SOTI Snap app.

Enhanced Table Widget - Developers can quickly create a front-end application to view and manipulate records in a private data repository. The table widget allows app developers to create SOTI Snap apps that can determine which end users can create, update or delete a record and access specific database.

“Once data is collected through SOTI Snap, it then moves through an automated and customised workflow process to necessary stakeholders for key decision-making. This enables organisations to quickly act on data in realtime while having full visibility into data collection, approval procedures and the next steps in the process. This helps cut down costly and time-consuming bottlenecks, creating a productive business operation and enabling fast service delivery,” said Dyson.


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