DryvIQ Secures Patent for AI-Driven Unstructured Data Discovery

US firm DryvIQ has secured a patent for its artificial intelligence-driven (A.I.) data classification and protection technology.

“Businesses need confidence in the platforms they’ve entrusted to protect their sensitive information. With the cost of a data breach averaging nearly $US10 million in the U.S., organisations can’t afford the risk of their data getting into the wrong hands – intentionally or unintentionally,” said Steve Woodward, principal inventor and Chief Innovation Officer at DryvIQ.

“With DryvIQ’s patented technology, we help organisations find and protect their sensitive information with accuracy and precision.” 

Seventy-eight percent of organisations lack confidence in their security posture despite increased cybersecurity investments, according to a 2021 survey conducted by IDG Research. These organizations are vulnerable to data security and compliance risks posed by legacy data storage and management architectures, which are limited in their ability to access multiple repositories and are prone to classification errors.  

DryvIQ’s A.I. and machine learning technologies covered in the patent lower these risks by automating the discovery, classification, and migration of unstructured data across major file storage repositories and business applications at over 100 terabytes per day, at petabyte scale, with proven and industry-leading accuracy rates of more than 92 percent

“Unstructured data is growing at an unprecedented rate. As a result, organizations have outgrown their capacity to manage their data and decrease security risks without accurate, scalable automation,” said Sean Nathaniel, CEO of DryvIQ.

“It’s no longer a question of, ‘What are you doing to protect your data?’ But rather, ‘How confident are you in your ability to find sensitive data and reduce your risk exposure?’

“Intelligent automation cuts costs, increases efficiency, and lowers risk exposure by continuously analysing unstructured data, minimising redundant, obsolete, trivial (ROT) data, and protecting your most critical information. This patent proves our commitment to developing innovative, best-in-class technology that addresses the ever-evolving needs of today’s enterprise.”