VIDIZMO adds new Document Redaction Feature

VIDIZMO has unveiled a new feature that offers a simple and efficient solution for document redaction, saving users time and effort. The new document redaction feature allows organisations to quickly redact sensitive information from documents before sharing them with internal and external stakeholders.

With a simple and intuitive interface, users can quickly identify and highlight sensitive information, such as personally identifiable information (PII), financial data, phone numbers, and confidential business information, and replace it with a black box, making it invisible to viewers.

The proprietary search algorithms employed by VIDIZMO go beyond simple keyword searches, delivering precision and efficiency in data redaction. It provides the convenience of automatic redaction of documents through searching for specific keywords, sentences and custom regular expression patterns to detect various types of sensitive information.

It also offers the flexibility of manual redaction with its line and text selection tools. Users can customise their redaction experience by manually selecting specific text areas or drawing a rectangular box to redact a particular section.

VIDIZMO also offers bulk redaction, allowing users to redact multiple documents simultaneously. Furthermore, VIDIZMO also integrates optical character recognition (OCR) capability with the new document redaction feature to ensure seamless redaction, even for scanned copies or various file types, making it a comprehensive solution for all redaction needs.

With the rise in data breaches and privacy concerns, it is more important than ever for organizations to protect sensitive information in all forms, including documents. A recent survey by the Ponemon Institute found that the average time to identify and contain a data breach was 287 days, with an average total cost of USD 3.86 million.

The document redaction feature offers an efficient and customisable way to redact sensitive information, ensuring that organizations can easily protect their data, allowing organisations to secure sensitive data, comply with regulatory requirements, and build trust with customers and stakeholders.



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