ibml Launches FUSiON HD High Volume Scanner

ibml has announced its new FUSiON HD High Volume Document Scanner designed to meet the US Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) 3 star imaging quality standards. The FUSiON HD can quickly digitize high quality documents at scale so they can be easily archived, shared and utilized while still meeting these high standards.

"Our new 600 DPI System enables our customers to achieve high productivity while simultaneously having the intelligence to classify and extract data needed to drive immediate business decisions, and also meeting the most rigid Image Quality standards for archival storage," said Pete Rudak, Chief Technology Officer for ibml.

"This enables complete digital transformations across any document types, and gives our customers peace of mind knowing that the FUSiON will meet the most rigid archival Image Quality requirements, both now and into the future."

Some new FUSION HD features include:

  • 122ppm (industry's fastest throughput) at 600DPI output enabling digitization at scale for all applications;
  • New 400DPI and 600DPI output for high quality image output applications for complete digital transformation including specialized applications like fingerprint cards, photographs and other high value records;
  • FADGI 3 Star standards met at 200DPI, 300DPI and 400DPI;
  • High quality lossless PNG output for demanding imaging applications;
  • ICC Color profile matching to meet stringent quality standards;
  • Integrated ibml Capture Suite (iCS) software offers FADGI Verification module designed to allow operators to have an integrated experience between iCS and ISA's Golden Thread software. Operators can verify the image quality as often as needed from ibml scanners while maintaining an audit trail. With this module, operators have an integrated single user experience in iCS allowing them to be productive while consuming the least amount of time in ensuring image quality consistency.



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