Reveille unveils new Agentless Monitoring Solutions

Reveille Software has announced new Hyland RPA and Kofax RPA support. The new Reveille solutions provide agentless management and monitoring capabilities to ensure the continued health and productivity of the Hyland RPA and Kofax RPA platforms.

This includes managing robots at scale, measuring platform operating performance, and triggering automatic recovery actions - enabling Hyland and Kofax users to understand RPA service levels through a single comprehensive dashboard view.

When using Hyland or Kofax platforms, most organizations need several third-party providers - each using silo-native product management tools - to achieve the same productivity management and monitoring capabilities of a single Reveille RPA solution.

Reveille’s automated RPA functionality allows organizations using Hyland RPA and Kofax RPA to simplify their platform’s management by:

  • Eliminating the manual observation of RPA platform health with active service level management.
  • Automating recovery actions for RPA component errors and robot execution bottlenecks.
  • Verifying target application availability and minimizing error recovery logic in robots.

Reveille’s single RPA content management dashboard goes beyond product-specific dashboards by displaying suspicious administration transactions and ensuring RPA target applications are available and responsive before robot execution.

In addition, the new solution delivers direct severity-based event integration with SIEMS (Splunk, Azure Sentinel), incident management (ServiceNow), notification (PagerDuty), AIOps (Big Panda), and collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

“RPA solutions touch business-critical applications for structured data extraction and now ECM systems for digital asset unstructured data extraction. With this new functionality, users can now scale and operate RPA platforms confidently while having a holistic view of the full content management environment,” said Brian DeWyer, CTO of Reveille Software.