Cognizant launches Neuro AI Platform

Cognizant has announced a new, enterprise-wide platform, Neuro AI, designed to provide enterprises with a comprehensive approach to accelerate the adoption of generative AI technology and harness its business value in a flexible, secure, scalable and responsible way.

The platform leverages Cognizant's consulting, advisory, ecosystem partnership, digital studios, solutioning, and delivery capabilities, in conjunction with industry expertise, to help clients transition seamlessly into the era of generative AI.

“It is fast becoming clear that businesses must embrace AI without delay to remain competitive,” said Prasad Sankaran, EVP of Cognizant’s Software and Platform Engineering.

"This is an exciting moment, as Cognizant’s Neuro AI platform goes beyond proof of concept, aiming to accelerate the adoption of enterprise scale AI applications, increase ROI potential, minimise risks and get to better business solutions, faster.”

The Cognizant Neuro AI platform will guide firms on this journey, from identifying company specific-use cases and operationalising AI, to data engineering and continuous improvement. The platform enables AI and software engineering teams to build flexible, reusable, safe and secure solutions, and design conversational and generative user experiences, embedding AI models to create fully functioning apps – all supported across multi-platform, multi-cloud ecosystems.

Cognizant Neuro AI includes a library of reusable generative AI models and agents, development tooling and control components including API and access management, versioning and auditing. The platform is designed to provide meaningful business benefits for clients, including:

  • Discovering new business innovation vectors,
  • Creating pathways to differentiated customer and employee experiences,
  • The ability to reimagine and digitise business processes,
  • Reliable governance, visibility, control and compliance,
  • Faster access to a holistic library of curated solutions, and
  • Improved time to market at enterprise scale.


Business Solution: