AvePoint launches Confide on Microsoft Syntex

Now available through private preview, the next generation of AvePoint Confide, will utilise Microsoft Syntex repository services, giving organizations control and flexibility to manage data and workflows across a range of business projects with unique sharing requirements.

Microsoft Syntex repository services provides both ISVs and enterprises with an embeddable file and document management platform.

With AvePoint Confide, organizations can now take advantage of their existing Microsoft investments to accommodate scenarios with complex sharing needs that require differentiated security and storage capabilities.

"We built AvePoint Confide as an industry-focused solution to help key business stakeholders collaborate on projects with complex sharing needs like vendor management, bids and tenders, and due diligence,” said John Peluso, Chief Product Officer, AvePoint.

“As a launch partner for this new Syntex technology, we are excited to offer organizations an even more sophisticated approach to secure collaboration that drives operational efficiency and meets their unique business requirements.”

Today marks an evolution of AvePoint Confide’s existing secure project room solution launched last year. Now, organizations with complex sharing scenarios can spin up digital workspaces that are isolated from the rest of the tenant in a unique repository. Then, project admins can provision custom security and governance settings to ensure that internal and external collaborators can share data within the workspace’s project library, collaborate on files and tasks, and access real-time project insights.

Unlike third-party vendors that often store data and limit controls, AvePoint Confide enables organizations to apply custom tenant controls, achieving agile, native collaboration without sacrificing compliance and security.

To learn more and sign up for AvePoint’s private preview program for AvePoint Confide, built on Microsoft Syntex repository services, go to https://www.avepoint.com/lp/confide-private-preview